VFR Real Scenery England & Wales Mesh

VFR Real Scenery England & Wales Mesh

Just Flight

Just Flight's VFR Real Scenery uses the very latest digital aerial images of the UK to transform Flight Simulator X into the real landscape you can see from the air. With brilliant resolution, night lighting and water effects, this scenery really is as real as it gets!

VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules - this is the way that pilots navigate when they aren’t using complex instruments - they look at a map and then pinpoint landmarks on the ground to work out their course and position. It’s the most common form of recreational flying undertaken in the UK, but to do this in a flight simulator requires scenery that’s exactly the same as the real landscape. VFR Real Scenery is an amazing piece of software that does just that...

Fly over England and Wales in Flight Simulator X using VFR Real Scenery and you can sample the view you'd get from a real aircraft. You can see the real countryside from the air and pinpoint every key landmark. They're all featured - streets, buildings, rivers, lakes, reservoirs - and all at extremely high resolution and detail!

As well as accurate scenery the VFR Real Scenery series includes custom water features, night lighting effects and superb 9.6m mesh which hugely improves the accuracy of the relief - the ups and downs have never been so precise!






"Road placement within FSX is spot on... The terrain detail is much improved... It certainly adds interest and a greater degree of realism to low level cross country flights... I’m sure that once you try VFR Scenery you’ll not want to fly without it" FlightSimX.co.uk

"Just Flight’s idea of real does not disappoint... with realistic visuals, highly defined landscapes, great night lighting and water effects this really is 'As real as it gets!' All this and increased performance, what more could any Flight Simulator enthusiast ask for. Amazing!" SimNewz.com

"Night lighting textures have been individually applied to each area of the scenery for extra accuracy and realism, and they are miles ahead of the default night lighting... I’ve never seen trees and fields that look as realistic as this in FS before, it’s just breathtaking... The amount and quality of the detail that has been packed into this add-on is stunning, and Just Flight have once again raised the bar with regards to what is achievable within FSX"
FS Station.com

"I consider this release from Just Flight as the pinnacle of all their scenery expansions... Sharp detailed imagery with natural colouring... Night lighting effects are also included and they are stunning when flying over the pockets of civilisation... Frame rates are excellent throughout... In a single package, offering huge coverage, Just Flight has provided some of the finest scenery in the UK"
PC Pilot - 90% review score and Classic Product award

"Superb resolution, delivering quality night lighting and glistening water effects... When installed into FSX it actually runs quicker than the default scenery!... Another masterpiece of programming...stunning quality and scenery that actually speeds up your sim!" (Vol. 1 review)
Astraboy.com (Vol. 1 review)

"Water effects and night lighting looked great... As far as the looks of the product goes, outstanding!... The experienced VFR simmer will think they are in VFR heaven!"
FarmBoyZimsFlightSims.com (Vol. 1 review)

"If you are looking for some scenery enhancement, to improve your VFR capabilities, with smooth running graphics, then you will have to add this ensemble to your collection... the detail and superb effects gained amaze me"
FlightSim.com (Vol. 1 review)

"It's a must have" Flight Times (Vol. 1 review)

"I would recommend this scenery... when it comes to low and slow, VFR Real Scenery for FSX is just great" PC Flight (Vol. 1 review)

"If you are into low and slow VFR flying, then I could not recommend this product highly enough... An awesome add-on that will transform the way you see and even think about the ground below you" Avsim.com (Vol. 1 review)

"This is beautiful scenery to fly over, and the more you see of it, the more you look forward to seeing it again... High frame rates... Careful matching of source photographs with waterways, airport runways, and taxiways... Detailed terrain mesh improves highway overpasses and hedgerows... Colors are rich but not over saturated" Avsim.com

"The fields, trees, etc. looked highly accurate, and believable... Great ground detail... Wonderful enhanced scenery... The detail and superb effects presented truly amaze me. A cracking job!" FlightSim.com (Volume 4 review)

"This is a must have for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X!" Avionic-Online.com

"An excellent set of products that can really add a lot of fun to your flying" FSReviews

"A fantastic package... The difference compared to the default scenery cannot be put into words... I experienced not one drop in frame rates at any point" Rob Scott (Mutley's Hangar)

System requirements

System requirements

•Flight Simulator X (Acceleration/SP2 compatible)
•2.5GHz+ PC
•512Mb RAM
•128Mb 3D graphics card
•Windows XP/Vista/7
•Up to 12Gb hard drive space per volume, depending on choice of installation options