Philadelphia sector for Tracon! 2012


Philadelphia sector for Tracon! 2012

Simulated Designs

The Philadelphia TRACON/ATCT is located at the Philadelphia International Airport and is a Terminal Radar Approach Control with Up-and-Down capabilities which means it includes both a TRACON and ATCT (Air Traffic Control Tower) in the same facility. The facility is "sectorised" into two sectors for the controllers. "A-side" controllers work the tower, and half the radar room. "B-side" controllers work the entire radar room, but not the tower. Philadelphia TRACON works on an average of 2,800 daily movements; the ATCT handles about 1,700 operations per day.



-Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) pilots follow complex tower commands when they fly their SID/STAR tracks
-Full voice control possible using Microsoft's speech SDK voice recognition technology **
-Dynamic weather simulation
-Complex simulation allow you to experience the real life duties of a tower controller
-Aircraft will follow complex instructions
-Many of the newly issued FAA commands are simulated
-Climb via the SID, Descend via the STAR commands are included
-Visual approach clearance is simulated
-Realistic distance measuring including calculation of the closest point between moving targets
-Realistic airplane performances
-In-flight emergencies

System requirements

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