London City Airport X (FSX only)

London City Airport X (FSX only)


London City Airport is a special airport. Located in the heart of the City of London it is the ideal transport for business people. It is also an airport which can only be used by certain aircraft types to follow the strict noise abatement procedures and the steep gradient approaches.

All published procedures include steep 5.5 degrees glide slopes. And all non commercial traffic, single engine or even single pilot operated aircraft are not welcome! Clearly not a standard airport and exactly for that reason this small airport should be in your collection.



Full coverage of the airport terrain in 30 cm textures

All lighting in 3d modelling
Extensive AFCAD file
Includes 9 (!) AI aircraft models
Easy on fps
Good value for money
Please note that this product is included in the VFR London X package.
Additional specifications:

Download-Version(FSX): Version 1.00, Manual as a .pdf-file (English, German)
Download free Charts at

System requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Compatible with SP1 or SP2 / Acceleration Pack)

Windows Vista or Windows XP (SP2)
Intel Duo2 Core Processor
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
Graphics card with 256 MB RAM
Sound card
Download-Size: 25 MB
Installation-Size: 75 MB