DC-9 World Airliners 2

DC-9 World Airliners 2

McPhat Studios

Six (6) Ultra High Definition Texture sets for Coolsky's DC-9 Classic. With a pixel per meter ratio of 350+, these textures are by FACT the most detailed produced textures in the entire history of Flight Simulator, packing more detail than even our own NGX Textures. In the end though, it is not the pixel per meter ratio, but what you do with all those pixels. Quality over quantity that's what the Coolsky DC-9 Classic is all about.
Bigger is not always better (or so she said), but bigger maps do help. By hand painting the entire kit from the ground up, we get to match all effects over the entire range of maps to the pixel. Which means that rivet you see on the diffuse map, is also bumped on the normal map and slightly reflects differently on the specular map. Because of the high pixel per meter ratio, we can then make a rivet look like a rivet and not a golf ball, and a panel line like a panel line and not a world war 1 trench.
With more than 350 pixels per meter, you will see the sharpest, tightest textures available today, with all three maps, working together in unison. So where paint is chipped off on the diffuse map, you will see a different kind of glossiness, but also a different kind of reflectivity as the material and structure of the underlying metal is different than that from the painted layer. All this topped off, with a bump map that will actually show the paint chipped off as if it is 3D.



Livery list:
 Continental Airlines
 Eastern Air Lines
 USAirways
 Alitalia
 PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines

System requirements

Flight1/Coolsky DC-9 CLASSIC
Windows - Windows XP or Vista
Processor - 2.6 GHz
Memory - 1 Gb Min., 2 Gb RAM Recommended
Video Card - 256 Mb
Free space - TBA