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Aircraft features

Highly detailed ERJ airplane

Load editor

Brand new digital soundset by TSS

Custom XML instruments and animations inside and outside

Panel features

Glass cockpit

Photorealistic 2d panels

Fully interactive victual cockpit with many custom switches and knobs

Ground proximity warning system (GPWS)

TCAS II with audio-visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system

Pop up instruments

System features

Almost all systems are included. Electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, pressurization, bleed air, air conditioning, FADEC with ATTCS function, GPWS, self-test

Accurate autopilot with overspeed and stall recovery systems

APU simulated with correct fuel consumption

Ice detection

FMS features

Very realistic and complex FMS

Five different patterns

SID/STAR with DME arc

System Requirements

Minimum requirements:

Pentium IV 1,4 GHz, 2GB RAM (to run MAP), 128MB Graphics, P3D4.2, Windows 10 32 and 64bit


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