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How Playing Simulator Games for Aviation Training will Save You Time and Money

air control simulator

The practicality of professional aviation training simulator games allow trainers to replicate the entire controlling experience. Trainees no longer have to subject themselves to extraneous risks, and organizations don’t have to jeopardize expensive aircraft and hardware for training sessions. Playing intuitive and creative aviation training games like Tower3D and Tower3D Pro from FeelThere offers a valuable experience where you don’t have to worry about physical injuries.

The modern aviation simulation now serves as a tool that helps trainees learn to fly safely. Gone are the days of expensive, invasive, and traditional aviation flying methods where the danger is real and persistent. With the 3D virtual simulator, however, you move forward one step at a time and learn the skills you need to land and takeoff from the ground.

From Link Trainer to Tower 3D Simulator

image of Dubai International Airport [OMDB] for Tower!3D from FeelThere

The truth is that virtual aviation simulation has come a long way since the invention of old school Link Trainer. In fact, modern aviation simulation technologies continue to evolve. The in-depth graphics of 3D virtual simulator can mimic any real-world scenario that makes the experience more realistic for trainees.

Affordability of 3D Virtual Simulators and Integrated Features

The range of complete motions and integrated features in a 3D flight simulator create an immersive experience. Now students and professionals can use 3D virtual aviation training simulator to learn, practice, and improve their flying skills. It is the safest, economical, and efficient way to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about aviation practices and in-flight procedures.

You may not be the next Howard Hughes, but you (probably) have the potential and skills to be a part of the aviation industry. Simulation aviation training is no longer synonymous with an expensive price tag. In fact, virtual 3D simulation has never been more affordable for students.

Cost-Effectiveness of 3D Aviation Simulators

You may not realize it, but training diverse aviation procedures and guidelines in a virtual 3D simulator helps you save money and time. Often, practicing challenging aviation procedures are expensive. Well, not any more. No institute wants to risk the actual cost of an aircraft in aviation training sessions.

It is the cost no one wants to bear on their shoulders. Besides, trainees have the best chance to learn about various aviation procedures through a 3D virtual simulator. Without the dangling threat of airplane damage, you can also focus more on technical aspects.

Once organizations and participants don’t have to worry about losing or damaging an airplane, it becomes easier for trainee pilots to get familiar with aviation processes. There is a reason 3D simulators have become so essential in aviation training. 3D simulators will continue to get more real with more tech advancements.

Maintain Your Proficiency

video from Youtube of EGLL airport for Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro from FeelThere.com

Ask any professional and experienced pilot about the importance of proficiency. A 3D virtual simulator allows you to maintain a high degree of proficiency and strengthen your overall skills. With reduced risks and costs, you can now have a real shot to become a great pilot. 

3D aviation simulators offer a cost-effective approach for pilots to take practice sessions for rare and routine flight skills. With 3D simulator aviation training, you can polish your skills in various flight scenarios. And the best part is that you can always adjust the settings to achieve your specific flight training goals.

Consistent Reduced Cost

Yes, you can now practice various flight maneuvers and other skills in a virtual airplane repeatedly. When you can practice on a loop with no added risk or cost, you can refine your skills and realize your true potential. 

Repetition in aviation training matters and 3D simulator allows you that chance to indulge in repetition at a competitive price range. Plus, the latest tech means more reduced cost of traditional and outdated simulators.

For example, a trainee who is practicing how to land can reset in seconds. It means the trainee doesn’t have to take extra time and go back to the landing pattern of the airport. Besides, this approach will cost more time and fuel. With 3D flight simulation, the same trainee can pay the nominal instructor and insurance fee and without added maintenance cost.

Less Cost, More Validation

3D aviation simulator training makes it possible for you to learn to fly without financial pressure. It also means you can take as much time as you want to perfect your flight skills in a safe and low-cost 3D virtual environment. You can now rehearse how to talk to air traffic control, practice operations’ order, and engage with professional pilots, without even leaving your ground, see video here:


Less Cost, More Features

3D virtual simulators have become the most sought out machines because they are fully scalable. It is a perfect solution to get a variety of integrated features at a low virtual cost. The 3D immersive aviation simulator also offers training support on daily operations and emergency-based scenarios.

With reduced cost, you can get realistic radar, airport tower simulation, dedicated airport environments, and procedural guidelines. On top of all, you can also learn about different approaches of tower controllers.

3D virtual simulators are highly adaptable and customizable. They provide complete training spectrum, operational guidelines, and refreshing training experience.

3D Simulation Games for Students and Professionals

Students and even professional pilots are often surprised to learn about the low price point of 3D virtual simulators. For instance, Tower 3D Simulator comes with comprehensive features and aviation training protocols at an affordable cost structure.

With more technological advancements, you can expect more robust 3D simulators for professional aviation at reduced prices. Students now have a unique chance to opt for private pilot certification through a virtual simulator.

Most people who experience 3D virtual aviation simulation concur that it creates an environment that increases your concentration and skills to deal with real-life emergencies. Repetition is another excellent aspect of 3D aviation simulator that can counteract against the adrenaline effects.

Today, students and professionals can access 3D virtual simulators with HD graphics. The gaming style aviation simulators are perfect for aviation universities and flight schools. Students can also use the 3D virtual simulator at a safe distance through aircraft yokes and specialized chairs to improve their skills.


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